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Charting the Future of Working Capital Excellence with Kyriba and Strategic Partner ELC Treasury Services

Kyriba offers comprehensive support for Supply Chain Finance, Reverse Factoring, Dynamic Discounting, and Receivables Finance, empowering CFOs and their teams with program flexibility. These solutions enable the injection of liquidity into supply chains, optimization of terms, and acceleration of cash flow. With inflation on the rise and interest rates climbing, finance teams are increasingly adopting early payment and receivables programs to strategically optimize liquidity management.


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Supply Chain Finance

ELC, empowered by Kyriba’s transformative solutions, revolutionizes supply chain finance. Optimize working capital and enhance liquidity with a comprehensive approach that reshapes your treasury operations.

Dynamic Discounting

Kyriba, in partnership with ELC’s transformative prowess, unveils dynamic discounting excellence. Streamline cash flow with precision, providing unparalleled control over your working capital landscape.

Receivables Finance

ELC, with Kyriba’s transformative touch, redefines receivables finance. Unlock working capital potential and navigate financial landscapes with agility, creating a robust and efficient treasury ecosystem.

Hybrid Programs

Kyriba  introduces the future of working capital management with Hybrid Programs. Seamlessly integrate diverse strategies for an optimized and forward-thinking treasury experience.

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