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Kyriba offers the most comprehensive bank connectivity network worldwide, facilitating payments across treasury, accounts payable (AP), claims and commercial payments. This powerful network improves automation, strengthens controls and management, and gives businesses peace of mind by reducing risks associated with payment fraud and cybercrime.


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Payment Factory

ELC, empowered by Kyriba’s transformative prowess, achieves payment factory precision. Streamline payment processes for efficiency, accuracy, and control, ensuring a seamless treasury operation that optimizes financial workflows

Fraud Detection

Kyriba, in collaboration with ELC’s transformative expertise, introduces fraud detection mastery. Safeguard your treasury with advanced detection capabilities, ensuring proactive risk mitigation and financial security.

Screening and Compliance

ELC, with Kyriba’s transformative touch, redefines screening and compliance. Navigate regulatory landscapes effortlessly, ensuring adherence to global standards while streamlining your treasury’s screening and compliance processes.

Real-Time Payments

Kyriba solutions lead real-time payments innovation. Experience agility and speed in financial transactions, empowering your treasury with the efficiency and responsiveness needed in today’s dynamic landscape.

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