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Kyriba’s cutting-edge Real-time API Cloud Connectivity network seamlessly integrates banks, ERPs, trading portals, data services, and specialized applications through pre-configured connectors. This integration not only enhances business continuity but also significantly reduces IT overhead in terms of time and cost, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency.


Kyriba connects to over 1,000 banks

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Bank Connectivity

ELC, with Kyriba’s transformative prowess, elevates bank connectivity. Experience a new standard of seamless financial transactions, fostering control and efficiency for your treasury operations.

Bank Formats

With ELC’s transformative touch, Kyriba unlocks precision in bank formats. Harmonize diverse formats effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined and controlled financial landscape for your organization’s treasury.


ELC, powered by Kyriba’s transformative solutions, achieves ERP alignment for excellence. Seamlessly integrate ERPs, fostering precision and control in financial operations for an optimized treasury experience.

API Network

Kyriba, in partnership with ELC’s transformative expertise, introduces the API Network power. Enhance operational efficiency through effortless system connections, reshaping your treasury environment with agility and connectivity.

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