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Kyriba’s Cutting-Edge Risk Management Solutions, Fueled by the Innovation Power of ELC Strategy.

Kyriba provides comprehensive support for managing FX, interest rate, and commodities risks, catering to the needs of CFOs, Treasurers, and Risk Managers alike. Redefine your approach to risk with unmatched expertise and technological prowess.


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 FX Risk Management

Leverage Kyriba’s innovative solutions, powered by ELC’s transformative expertise, to efficiently navigate FX risks. Achieve a dynamic approach to currency risk with confidence and precision.

Interest Rate Hedging

ELC’s transformative touch amplifies Kyriba’s capabilities, allowing you to revolutionize interest rate hedging. Navigate the complexities of the market with agility and strategic precision.

Valuations and Accounting

Kyriba, powered by ELC’s transformative expertise, delivers unparalleled valuations and accounting mastery. Seamlessly integrate these essential functions for a comprehensive treasury management experience that ensures accuracy and compliance.


Unleash the power of ELC’s transformative touch in Kyriba’s solutions to achieve commodities excellence. Streamline management, mitigate risks, and optimize performance in the commodities landscape with confidence and ease.

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